Samstag, 1. September 2012

Hunchback of Notre Dame, Phantasialand and Movie Park

Hello, everyone ^_^ 
sry for not posting so long :/ I was very busy~
Last sunday I went with my family to the theatre in Ötigheim. They played the Hucnback of Notre Dame and I love the various versions of it, especially the Disney Version XD. Although the story should be sad, I laughed a bit. For example: Quasimodo and Esmeralda were talking for about 5 minutes, but then Quasimodo said he couldn´t hear something since his birth XD
Now some pictures~ Yaay :D

Then on Tuesday we went to Phantasialand, an amusement park. I really really love the Hotel Ling Bao and the park itself. And we really had good luck with the weather and the park was nearly empty. Oh yeah! We stayed there 2 nights. The next day was my birthday~ Iturned to 17. I only got money, but I wished for it. And the hotel employee´s gave my and my sister 2 cups and a chinese horoscope. And thx to all my friends who wished me Happy Birthday~ I love you all <3<3<3
Pictures :D

From thursday till friday we went to Movie Park Bottrop-Kirchhellen. Again we had beautiful weather and the park was nearly empty~ Naah... We were really lucky these days XD 
But I don´t like this Park much :/ the attractions, especially the Roller Coaster were old and it hurt driving some of them D: I only liked the water attractions and Van Helsing´s Factory~ They filmed my sis and me, while we were driving it XD
And again... Pictures XD

This is it for today~Bye Bye :*


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