Sonntag, 23. September 2012

So Sorry T__T

Yah! I´m so sorry everyone >__< didn´t post anything lately :/ I was soo busy with my new school -.- Imagine! We´re an all-girls class. At first we had one guy in class, but he already changed class after 2 days. I can understand him a little bit. If I was in a class with only boys in it, it gives me kinda the creep, but maybe it would had been funny too xD and I would had have a lot of chances, muahahaha.
Anyway, I´m not so japan-interested anymore ( don´t think wrong) I still love it and want to visit it once or twice, but nowadays I´m addicted to South Korea. Especially the music and their dramas. K-pop sounds soo awesome and the ulzzang is just soo cute and innocent and even more natural than gyaru. And the boys are so damn hot :Q myahahaha xD
Btw yesterday I tried out something new~
Tada :D

Thx for reading my blog entry again :)
Love you all <3<3<3

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