Freitag, 24. August 2012

Surprise, Surprise

Hello Boys and Girls ^w^

Ah~ The morning itself was totally boring. I had to do a part of my parttime job. And then tried to style my hair, but they´re just too stubborn -.- 
And I couldn´t do the photoshoot with my sis outside :'( It sadly was bad weather. Too windy and we got a visitor. A friend of us.
In the afternoon I finally could watch Great Teacher Onizuka 2012. I love that dorama soo much >.<. Above all some Johnny´s Jr. are even actors in it.The little Shintaro Morimoto and Sho Takada.
                                                                          Left is Shin-chan and right Sho-kun <3

I prefer more Sho-kun, because he´s already older and has more talent. Shin-chan is a bit too wild for me^^"

Bute THEN the big surprise happened. A friend needed a translation of a scan. She couldn´t read the Kanji´s and I suggested I could help her, because I have a japanese friend from Facebook. I asked him and I should call him on Skype, so that he can explain it to me. I was so happy, nervous and excited in one. I really liked his voice and I wished we could talk more, but for the beginning it´s enough^^. I´m a shy girl after all :). But wanna change that about me^^.
I tried to comb my wig, my new lovely beautiful wig *__* I´m really into wigs nowadays xD

                                             Me wearing the wig

I was scared if the curls would disappear, but thx god they still exist now xD

Later I will go eating ice cream with one of my friend and sis. Looking forward to it *__*
Thx for reading my new post.

Love and おやすみ
SweetSaki <3

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